Banking for Unbanked

Krismas Saver


Passbook Colour Orange
Purpose For savings purposes in order to spend in Christmas only.
Target Market Any individual, groups, families.
Requirements to Open Account 1.       Completed Application Form

2.       Any form of ID

3.       Confirmation letter from Ward Member (for group accounts only)

Account Opening Fee

(PBK Fee)

Initial Deposit/Minimum Balance K10
Account Closure Fee
Closing Balance Amount Fee
K25 and below K25 Forfeited
K26 – K500 K25
K500 and above 5% of closing balance
Monthly Fee

(Account Keeping Fee)

Transfer Fee Strictly no transfers
Withdrawal Fee K0.50
Cash Handling Fee Free
Cash Counting Fee Free
Account Activation Fee K5.00
Passbook Replacement Fee K25 – if passbook is lost/damaged

K10 – if passbook is full

ATM Card Fee N/A
ATM Card Replacement Fee N/A
ATM Withdrawal Fee N/A
Balance Enquiry N/A
Online Payment Fee K10
Credit Transfer Fee ANZ – K80

BSP – K10

Dishonoured Cheque Fee

(All Cheque Deposits)

Cheque Clearing Fee

(All Cheque Deposits)