Banking for Unbanked

Savings Products

Savings products are offered to everyone such as cooperatives, individuals, trustees, groups, small business operators, PMV owners, regular/non-regular income earners, government and private workers etc. Our famous savings account is the Poroman Account.

Anyone can open a Poroman Account as long as you’re the only signatory to that account. With the Poroman Account, your account is linked to ATM Card called Poroman Card and you can use it to access your funds conveniently using our ATMs. Cooperatives, groups, associations and partnerships whose accounts has more than one signatories cannot apply for the Poroman Card. They can only do manual withdrawals at the Bank. However if they want to apply for a Poroman Card, they will need to provide a written letter signed by all signatories and the minutes of their last meeting.

Visit our HQ at Kokopo or one of our agencies at Kerevat or Rabaul to open an account today. Contact us to find out more about the savings products.