Products Description

Bungim Passbook Savings

  • This passbook savings account is used purely for savings purposes so that customers can be able to access KPML Loan Products
  • The savings can be used as collaterals for loans by individual borrowers
  • Savings will be K625.00 and above in order to get a loan against your savings
  • A minimum initial deposit of K25.00 is required for opening a new passbook plus the Account Opening Fee of K25.00 making a total of K50.00 during opening of a new passbook account
  • There is NO Account Keeping Fee or Service Fee for every deposit or transfer to any of your other savings account
  • Customer can transfer savings kept in KPML Saver Passbook to Bungim Passbook Savings Account at any amount provided customer has minimum balance of K25.00

    KPML Saver Passbook

  • The KPML Saver enables customers to carry out their daily withdrawals and deposits
  • There is NO Account Keeping Fee or Service Fee for every deposit or withdrawal
  • Balances in KPML Saver Passbook can be used as security to obtain loan BUT needs to be transferred into the Bungim Passbook Savings Account in order to loan against
  • NO interest is paid into your KPML Saver Passbook Account
  • Customer can transfer savings kept in Bungim Passbook to KPML Saver Passbook provided that savings in Bungim Passbook is not tied to any loan
  • A minimum initial deposit of K25.00 is required for opening a new passbook account plus the Account Opening Fee of K25.00 making a total of K50.00 during opening of a new passbook account


    Product Features
  • Linked to Maravut IBD Loan
  • Annual Interest rate 10% paid monthly
  • Account opening balance is PGK1,000.00
  • Account opening fee K25.00 for new passbook
  • Early closure fee 1%

    Skul Pikinini Pasbuk

    Skul pikininiWhat is the purpose of Skul Pikinini Pasbuk?

    The Skul Pikinini Pasbuk is designed to promote the following positive values:

    1.Encourage Thrift,
    2. Enforce a good Savings Culture
    3. Instill good Financial Discipline
    4. Assist the student and his/her parents to have a defined financial plan towards meeting school fees and related expenses
    5. Assist parents who are currently facing school fee difficulties to pay off outstanding fees

    What are the features of Skul Pikinini Pasbuk?
    1. For Savings towards meeting school fees and related needs
    2. For students to withdraw at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year to meet his /her school fee needs. (JANUARY TO DECEMBER)
    1. Withdrawals will be specific only to school related needs such as school fees, stationery school uniforms and others.
    2. A passbook can be opened with K25.00 and the student is encouraged to build his /her savings up.
    3. A student can only withdraw if the balance is above K50.00
    4. Minimum K50.00 to always remain passbook.
    5. No interest will be earned on Savings held in the account (this will be reviewed later)
    6. No keeping fees will be charged on the savings in the passbook.

    Who can own a Skul Pikinini Pasbuk?
    1. Students from Grade 3 and above in the Primary Schools (To be reviewed)
    2. Students in Secondary Schools
    3. Students in Vocational Schools
    4. Students in Universities
    5. Teachers in schools and Universities

    How can a Student or Teacher obtain a Skul Pikinini Pasbuk?

  • During KPML's visit to the School KPML with respective School could set up an Agency within the School for easy and convenience access by students and teachers.
  • Direct visit by students and teachers to KPML's office or nearby KPML Branch or Agency.

    Promotional initiatives to be run alongside Skul Pikinini Pasbuk?

  • KPML will run promotions from time to time alongside the Skul Pikinini Pasbuk and prizes will be given out. Awards to Students
  • Money will be paid into the student account with the highest savings at the end of the year.

    Awards to Schools

  • K500.00 will be awarded to the school
  • Money will be paid into school account.


    It is a secured loan because customers can obtain a loan with 80% in Savings.

    E.g. K625.00 savings eligible for K500.00 loan

    Currently KPML is giving out Swift Loan to its customers:

    Product Features

  • Interests - 25% flat rate
  • Loan Fees - 3.5% of Loan amount
  • Loan Amount - K500.00 or more
  • Loan Terms - Up to 12 months
  • Collateral - 80% of Equity


    This Loan Product is available to customers who have KPML Savings account balance over K1, 000.00 to use their savings as loan security and in return earn 10% IBD annual interest paid monthly; providing loan repayments are made on time and there is no offset.

    E.g.: loan K1, 000.00 x25% = K1, 250.00
       IBD Interest K1, 000.00 x10% = K100.00 divide by 12months: K8.33 paid every month

    Product Features

  • Interest rate 25%
  • Loan term 12 months
  • Loan fee 3.5%
  • Loan amount K1,000.00


    This is a loan for women interested in doing small piggery business to supply the local demand for pig either for food or customary obligations.

    Loan is designed for women of the same economic status who mutually guarantees the loan payments for others in the group if one defaults.

    The benefits are;

  • Alternative Income Sources for Women
  • Help Women meet their family needs
  • No collaterals
  • Quick Processing Time

    Product Features

  • Interest: 18% Flat Rate OR 1.5% per month
  • Loan Fee: 5% of Loan Amount Upfront
  • Loan Amount: K1, 000 - K5, 000
  • Loan Term: Up to 12 Months
  • Monthly Repayment: Pay Interest Component & the 20% of Capital within 9 Months
  • Collaterals: 20% Equity or K200.00 or more

    Eligibility Criteria

    1. Must have a savings account with KPML
    2. Group Members should save over a period of 8 weeks
    3. A minimum weekly compulsory savings of K25.00 for a period of 8 weeks
    4. Savings account with a minimum balance of K200 or 20% of the loan amount
    5. Each group should have membership of 5 women
    6. Group members should be resident of the particular place for at least three (3) years
    7. All members must be willing to accept joint liability
    8. Age limit of 50 Years Old Maximum


    This is a consumer loan which will be available to customers in paid employment and will be to the employees of only those companies who are a party to the counterparty agreement with Kada Poroman Microfinance Limited (KPML).

    The Salary Loan is for income generation or for consumption for people with regular source of income and is targeted both for Government & Private Sector Employees.

    The Benefits are;

  • Meets urgent personal need
  • Its easily accessible
  • 48 Hours Processing Time
  • No Collaterals
  • Fortnightly Loan Repayments

    Product Features

  • Interest: 36% Flat Rate OR 3% per month
  • Loan Fee: 5% of Loan Amount Upfront
  • Loan Amount: K500 - K3, 000
  • Loan Term: Up to 12 Months
  • Fortnightly Repayment: Up to 26 Fortnights
  • Collaterals: Bungim Savings Account with KPML with Minimum of K20 or more
  • Repayment Method: Direct payment as Salary Deduction (Equal Fortnight Payment)

    Eligibility Criteria

    1. Must have a savings account with KPML
    2. Employed by a Company/ Organization with the Counterparty Agreement with KPML
    3. Must be a full time employee for at least 12 Months with the same company
    4. Must provide contact information (address & phone) for references that live within the vicinity of KPML
    5. Fortnightly savings of K20.00 to Bungim Savings Account
    6. Loans to be paid into the client's KMF Savings account with KPML or Direct Deposit to Accounts with other bank

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