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Skul Fee Loan

Purpose This loan is mainly to help relax expenses such as school and project fees, stationeries, school  uniforms and school bags.
Rate of Interest (ROI) 1.5% per month or 18% p.a
Loan Term 6 – 12 months
Loan Amount K500 – K5,000
Loan Repayment / Month Min: – K49.17 / month

Max: – K491.67 / month

Loan Eligibility Ratio 1:1:25

KPML SKUL FEE Loans enable customers to pay school fees for their family members. The loans promote access to quality education for the family. The spread of the school fees burden to easy monthly installments makes education affordable and ensures business continuity by not depleting working capital for the business to finance education.

Come down to your nearest KPML office and apply for a SKUL FEE loan to finance your child’s education fees.