Banking for Unbanked

Salary Loan

Purpose This is short/medium term finance for the personal use of the borrower especially for Wages Earners from the formal sector
Rate of Interest (ROI) 2.33% per month or 28% p.a
Loan Term 6 – 12 months

But will consider longer terms in special cases.

Loan Amount K500 – K3,000

The debt service ratio should be a max. of 30% of the applicant’s fortnightly net income (after taxes)


Loan Eligibility Ratio 1:2
Salary Eligibility Requirements 1.       3 Current  Payslips

2.       Confirmation Letter from Employer

3.       1 month Bank Statement from Commercial Bank where your fortnightly pays got to

4.       Copy of valid ID

5.       Must be full time employee for at least 12 months with the same company

For General Purpose Loan, Smart Bisinis Loan and SME Loan, The Rate of Interest (ROI) are discountable based on performance or past repayment history

Salary loan is offered to employees of companies duly accredited/recognized by Kada Poroman Microfinance Limited (both GO’s and NGO’s) where payments are made via salary or payroll deduction. Basically, Salary loan serves as a ready-benefit program with terms that cater to majority of employees in an accredited company.
The salary loan’s fast and easy process and close combination with KPML also makes it convenient for the accredited company to facilitate loan applications for its employees.
Since KPML aims to extend loans to wider employee demographic, employees who are not eligible with other microfinance banks are now more likely to successfully benefit of a salary loan.
KPML also simplified its application process to make the obtaining of the loan constant secure and convenient as possible.
The purpose of the Salary Loan is for KPML to assist employees finance short term financial needs such as hospital bills, school fees, asset finance, and any special needs that may bring forth a sustainable livelihood.


The application form allows you to access our salary loan product designed for regular income earners. The completion of our salary loan application form does not impose any contractual liabilities on KPML until the loan application had been duly approved.

The application will go through a review process and should the facility be approved; a loan account of the amount approved will be created in the applicant’s name.

Interest on the facilitated loan will be applied based on the prevailing interest rate for the entire period.

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