Banking for Unbanked

General Purpose Loan

Purpose This loan is mainly for personal expenses essay on nature vs nurture essaywriters such as Funeral Expenses, Travel Expense, Medical Expense, Building Material
Rate of Interest (ROI) 2.08% per month or 25% p.a
Loan Term 6 – 12 months
Loan Amount K300 – K2,000
Loan Eligibility Ratio 1:1
For General Purpose Loan, Smart Bisinis Loan and SME Loan, The Rate of Interest (ROI) are discountable based on performance or past repayment history

It’s very clear! When life gives you new opportunities, all you need to do is dance. Sounds funny, but it’s true and super simple. With Kada Poroman’s General Purpose Loan life is like dancing around simple solutions, just when you need them. So, do a twirl and feel free to dream big.

Apply for a General Purpose Loan today and turn your fantasy into reality.