Banking for Unbanked

Loan Products

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Kada Poroman Microfinance Limited is a well-established financial institution providing lending services in East New Britain Province for over  10 years. The company’s main role in society is to provide financial services for unbanked people and businesses to achieve their goals and reach their potential. So we lend money to people who are considering a quick loan for a funeral service, personal expense, school fees, start a small business, buy a vehicle or help them save for their future. As a source of finance, we generate value directly for our customers, suppliers, schools, business partners, employees, shareholders, the companies in which we invest as well as other investors. Enabling these stakeholders – and thus the economy – to thrive is our core purpose and this contributes significantly to a wealthy, healthy, well-functioning society.

All kind of loans have their own importance. Above all, KPML asserts that the need of money explains the importance of obtaining a loan. Applying for a loan with Kada Poroman is very easy.

We offer a variety of Loan products suitable for everyone. Apply for a loan product that is right for you today to meet your financial needs and requirements.